Füry Rode Rally

Take your 4 wheel drive vehicle and enter the ultimate challenge designed for all people and skill levels. Drive your rig over a 45-mile course that tours Sand Hollow while stopping at checkpoints to “Race” against people in your class.

Each checkpoint will have different challenges in which you will be timed. Tasks include a 1 Stage Rock Crawl, a Rock Race Course, Short Sand Race Course,  Winch Challenges, Remote Control Car Challenge, “Blind Driving” Challenge, Marksman Challenge, and more.

We mandate that you wear a helmet, run a Flag and Whip, be courteous to other drivers, and observe the rules and regulations of the park. Other than that… Peel out and have fun! Teams that enter Füry Road will get an open pass to the Desert Challenge as well.

After the Desert Challenge, enjoy our Catered Dinner at the Sand Hollow Gold Course Clubhouse. The 5 Star Resort can house our rowdy bunch for one great night of food and drinks. The clubhouse is located only 1 mile from Start/Finish and you can drive your off-highway vehicle there if need be.

Saturday is the Rally, which you can also take part in. After the rally is over, join us for BBQ on the beach with the Desert Challenge extending into the late hours with a night run of the track.

Cost: $200 per Driver, $50 per Passenger/Co-Driver (Limit 1)



Full Event Itinerary:
Wednesday, December 6th:
7:30PM: Dust To Glory Movie Premiere at MagaPlex Pine View Stadium 10

Thursday, December 7th:
10AM: Course PreRun with Build Team for Check Points. Teams can join and help construct Challenge Locations

Friday, December 8th:
Noon: Registration Opens (Sand Hollow Resort Clubhouse), Teams can pre run immediately after registered.
7PM: Dinner (Held at Sand Hollow Clubhouse). Dinner and drinks not included with entry. Join other drivers and staff to live music and festivities.
8PM: Registration Closes

Saturday, December 9th;
7am: Drivers meeting at start line.
8am: Start of Fury Rode at Water Towers
1pm: All drivers must start on their 2nd lap. 1pm Close of Start.
2pm: Challenge 1 Check Point Closes (Rock Race Challenge)
3:30pm: Challenge 2 Check Point Closes (Blind Fold Challenge)
4:30pm: Challenge 3 Check Point Closes (Short Course Challenge)
5:30pm: Challenge 4 Check Point Closes (Paint Ball Challenge)
6:30pm: Challenge 5 Check Point Closes (Winch Challenge)
8pm: Finish Closes
7pm: Dinner at Sand Hollow Resort
10pm: Event Ends